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About us and our service providers

Airborne Outdoor Advertising was established in 2000 by Reinhardt Hanel and has now been in Business for 14 years and therefore we have been around innovating long than anyone else in this business.

Our primary focus is Helicopter-based advertising and we are the only company offering South African designed and  manufactured Helicopter banner systems.  Our custom made aerial billboards are both spectacular and dynamic, which is why we have flown for customers as far away as Hong Kong!

Airborne Outdoor advertising is a Media Owner.  We compliment our sister company Oasis Outdoor Media (Pty) Ltd, which together offer campaign solutions  far beyond just towing a banner behind or under an aircraft for our corporate customers.

Airborne’s primary goal is to offer large format wow solutions to agencies looking for that big impact.

Airborne attributes its success  to being able to offer advertising campaigns in all major centers around SA.  To do so cost effectively, it stands to reason that we can’t maintain our own helicopters all over the show, as this would be unaffordable.  As a result we make use of key service providers strategically located with all the necessary AOC’s and certifications needed for our operations.  We are proud of the wonderful long standing relationships we have created and maintained with our service providers and suppliers across South Africa.  We use only the best pilots at the best companies.  If you have any related aviation needs, don’t hesitate to contact some of our loyal and longstanding service providers: