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Activations & Campaigns

Airborne Outdoor Advertising has been involved in some awesome campaigns for a variety of brands and clients and here are just a few of our favourites.

29th Banner in KZN, Margate, St Micheals , Uvongo etc!! Beat that.

Mango Airlines

Mango used Airborne as part of their launch strategy when the airlines first started flying, and has done a couple of notable campaigns since then. After giving things a break last year, Mango changed agencies late in 2011 and appointed a couple of new People at head Office.  We were fortunate enough to have developed a fantastic working relationship with their Marketing Manager Jacqui Mabuza during the year.  When Mango finalised their plans to launch G-Connect and be the 1st Airline in SA to enable passengers to go online whilst flying on their domestic routes in October last year, they decided on a big fun summer campaign in KZN and the Western Cape.   Anchored by a big new 800sqm banner, we also had 40,000 beach balls to blow up and distribute together with Frisbees, Caps and lipice!!

In addition, Mango agreed to make a significant sponsorship to SA Lifesaving, who do such great work during the summer!  We are very excited about this sponsorship and believe it is highly appropriate and well worth while. We received exceptional support from the lifesavers, which ensured that everything went off without a hitch. To their entire crew, Many thanks!!

Cacia Behrens Managed the entire KZN leg of the campaign whilst Reinhardt and his team handled the Western Cape.

We were extremely lucky to have Mango’s tireless Communications Manager Hein Kaiser supporting us and arranging innovative media support whilst we were busy on the ground.

Mango’s Facebook page, the Tweet lines went red hot when the banner flew along Ballito and passed King Shaka as one of their planes was coming in!!

The banner featured on the front page of the Independent Newspaper group’s Business Report, and in a further coup, the Mango campaign featured on SABC’s Expresso on the 12th January. The footage was simply amazing!!

We are still catching our breath!!!

There can be no doubt that in terms of return on investment,  This year’s Airborne campaign delivered extraordinary exposure, excitement and interaction with it’s audience.

We at Airborne, wish to thank all the local authority officials, and in particular C T Disaster Management who were fantastic in their support! We could not have done it without you!

Ajax Cape Town - December 2011

Ajax Cape Town

Very late in 2011 we received the contract to build a banner for Ajax CT From Roland Sweet of Little Big productions, an innovative Cape Town based agency.

Ajax now play at the CT Stadium (2010 WC venue) and together with their sponsor MTN, are wanting to grow the sport of Football in the Cape.  Having made the big commitment to switch venues to the new stadium, the intention of the campaign is to promote the events at the stadium and to grow the audience.

The first flight was on the 20th and then again on the 21st December, the day of the match.  A bonus was that Ajax won that game and the plan is to fly the banner prior to each of the upcoming events.

We are very excited about this new client!  This is exactly the kind of client we like to attract to our medium!

We are looking forward to growing our relationship with them during 2012, and will post some footage as the campaign unfolds.

Turkish Airlines - Cape Town - December 2011

Turkish Airlines

We are delighted to welcome our new client Turkish Airlines!
Their Cape Town based General Manager Zafer Bolukbasi initiated the campaign to promote the Airline’s status as having been voted Europe’s Best Airline!

They fly directly into Cape Town, so the start of their banner campaign smack bang in the middle of the Summer Holidays was very appropriate.  We flew along the beaches, over the V & A and all the key Holiday hotspots appropriate to this target audience.

The banner is scheduled to fly again on a number of key event days such as the Argus Cycle Tour during 2012. The banner is 800sqm in size.

ANC National Election Campaign

The ANC in KZN invited us to help them in their election campaign.   A stronghold of the IFP in many parts of KZN, we built an election banner that  flew for the first time on New years Day 2009!  And what a fantastic campaign it turned out to be, with many memorable moments with much coverage in other media.

We flew almost every two weeks all over KZN in the build up to the elections!  Based on the excitement this created in both rural and metropolitan areas, together with the subsequent election result, where the ANC enjoyed a substantial voter swing in their favour, we believe the banner was a great tactical election tool.  We changed the call-to-action message during the campaign.

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ABSA Beach Campaign

One of our most exciting beach activations EVER!  30,000 branded beach balls distributed almost simultaneously in Durban, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town, supported by a banner campaign.  We created immense excitement by combining the release of hundreds of balls whilst flying over the targeted beaches. The balls were released from specially designed helicopter nets and the entire project was supported by amazing Ground Distribution crews, enabling us to work within budgets and optimise the cost vs impact.

Absa had the balls printed with excellent advice on how to keep your money safe whilst enjoying the holiday season. Airborne Outdoor Advertising had just 17 working days to print and produce three helicopter banners, set up the logistics for the inflation and distribution of 30,000 balls and secure the necessary permissions in each of the campaign locations all at the end of the year, was a challenge of note!

The beaches of Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Durban were awash with red and white.

Speak to us about a “lucky ball campaign”.   A definite winner for seasonal or educational campaigns and if the “lucky ball” aspect is incorporated, whereby the ball is redeemable for prizes, discounts etc, it generates an awesome call to action!

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Kurland Polo Club

Each summer, the rich and famous gather in Plettenberg Bay (Plett) for their summer holidays.

Kurland is a world class polo facility.    In December 2008 & again in December 2009 we were invited to fly a fabulous banner promoting this event.  The very same banner can be re-used in 2010!

With Outdoor and local promotional opportunities in Plett being a challenge, the banner  made sure the whole of Plettenberg bay and Knysna knew about the event.  Attendances and ticket sales were better than ever despite the economic circumstances…… Job done!

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Hong Kong

We are proud to have flown 2 banner campaigns in Hong Kong.  In Hong Kong size matters, so it was no co-incidence that this was our biggest banner so far, measuring almost 1200 sq meters in size (45m in length X 25.5 meters in height.   Amazingly the “squirrel” B3 helicopter flew this banner with ease. On certain days the banner flew as much as 4 hours around the bay between Kowloon and Hong Kong harbor.

Heli-Express worked with Airborne to introduce improvements and techniques of operation, as the environment in Hong Kong is a little different to that at home in South Africa.  Their input was invaluable and our experience in Hong Kong has been an enormous boost for Airborne’s ability to do business elsewhere in the world.

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Canal Walk

When the largest shopping mall in Cape Town wants to announce something big, like the start of the summer sale extravagansa, they chose Airborne to promote it across Cape Town – across the skies! Although relatively small, the vibrant pink made up for size and the aerial billboard did its job within budget!

Mango Campaign

As one of South Africa’s most popular airlines, how else would they convey an important message to their customers regarding their seasonal flight prices – Airborne Advertising – flying their message across the skies for all to see!! Airborne Outdoor was engaged to conduct the summer campaigns for both 2008 and 2009 and we fly extensively along the Cape peninsula, Durban and the Garden Route, along major highways and around the cities of both Durban and Cape Town. The initial banner was designed in such a way as to allow it to be utilised for the subsequent 2009 campaign with just a small amendment to the foot of the banner, thus keeping costs to a minimum.

The summer campaign for 2008 created a spectacular “orange” beach phenomenon in Plettenberg Bay as more than 20,000 inflatable balls were dropped from the skies, much to the delight of the families taking time out to enjoy some fun in the sun! With an established and reliable infrastructure in place, with service providers and ground crews ready to assist us with the co-ordination of such a campaign, Airborne Outdoor is the only choice for premium airborne advertising and aerial billboards!

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World Cup 2010

When the biggest event in the world is here on your doorstep, it’s important to be involved! Airborne was proud to be invited by the City of Cape Town and the Province to build local popular excitement from the 1 year to go point of the countdown to the FIFA 2010 World Cup. An 800m² aerial billboard was designed to enable us to re-use it at key milestones (i.e 200 days, 100 days to go). Airborne flew the banner along various routes in the Western Cape in peak hour traffic, both morning and afternoon.  The campaign enjoyed huge coverage on talk and other radio stations as well as extensive newspaper coverage.

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A1 Grand Prix, Durban

In the days leading up to the event it rained non-stop and the predictions for the weekend weather were not great! However, the Saturday was beautiful, with clear skies and wonderful high temperatures. Equally, the dark clouds and rain stayed at bay for the Sunday too. ABSA, the sponsor of the SA entry in the A1 and also the main sponsor of the event, commissioned us to build a 15x25m South African flag  which we flew in formation at the opening ceremony, together with the sponsor’s own banner. Being an internationally televised event, client got added value on news broadcasts and actual television broadcasts of the event.

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