Airborne appointed Preferred Aerial advertising and activations partner of the Argus Cycle Tour

Airborne is delighted to announce its new status and relationship with the Argus Cycle Tour Trust, the organizers of the Cape’s premier annual sporting event.

We have been endorsed as the preferred aerial advertising and aerial activations company of the Cycle Tour!

What this means is that when we fly banners for our clients and any other related advertising activities, this is with the approval of the Cycle Tour!

“It just goes to show, that when you do the right thing and act as an industry professional, then good things happen” says Reinhardt Hanel, CEO of Airborne Outdoor. “We have wanted to enter into a formal relationship with them for a while,  which is why we are so excited about this relationship and the mutual benefits it promises going forward! It’s a big deal to us!”

We are acutely aware that sponsors pay large sums of money towards staging these Mega events and that they are fully entitled to protect their investment.

In recent times the advertising industry has taken a much harder look at the issue of ambush marketing. Therefore we as a company will continue to be proactive in this regard to ensure that we retain the moral high ground for our customers and ourselves so that we are never labeled “ambush marketers”.

Because it is so difficult for event organisers to obtain the protection of a no-fly zone over their events from Civil Aviation Authorities, the temptation is always there for operators and advertisers doing aerial advertising to deliberately target prime events because there is no legal restriction making it illegal to fly there.   This is one of the big advantages of aerial advertising as the Local authorities do not have a jurisdiction over the airspace above.

As is now happening in the outdoor media space, big agencies are asking if  the proposed billboards are legal and are asking for copies of Council approvals.

Similarly, we shall therefore always make sure that your campaign does not interfere with a sponsor of an event or constitute blatant ambush marketing before acceptance of the business.

The credibility of the Cycle Tour and their willingness to work with us will set an important precedent, and will send out a strong message! It should also be well received by all those who spend money to line the routes and expose their brands!  We will do whatever we can to assist and advise them on aviation related issues where we can going forward.

The Cycle Tour contributes hugely to charitable causes and generates massive benefits to our home base, so we are excited to be part of this and make a small contribution, whilst our clients continue more than ever to benefit from  the exposure that this event generates.