Airborne assists FRANK stunt

Airborne assist FRANK Stunt

A direct life investment company, FRANK.NET, was launched in Cape Town last week, backed by a multi-million rand ad campaign with a straight “You die, we pay” approach. The company is owned and capitalised by Liberty Holdings but operated independently with its own board of directors, brand, life insurance, technology and customer base

True to the brand, FRANK launched with a launch event and daredevil stunt in Cape Town at the forecourt of the newly refurbished Cape Town Station, featuring an aerial sky-walker who walked a tightrope between two cranes 60 metres high, in 35km winds and pouring rain, adding to the drama of the stunt, while a helicopter flew overhead with a banner saying “If he dies, we pay” courtesy of Cape Town company Airborne Outdoor Advertising

“Airborne was tasked with creating a 12 x 18m banner to fly in tandem with the sky-walker to commuincate the message “If he dies, Frank pays” said Reinhardt Hanel, MD of Airborne “the weather conditions were not great, however, the stunt and the banner attracted the attention of many passers by and both stunts were completed without a hitch” he concluded.

FRANK aerial message
Message from FRANK