Airborne Outdoor Advertising Sponsors Emergency Response Beach vehicle for the City of Cape Town during the festive season

Adding to the possible elements available to brands during the Summer Season are our amazing electric powered response vehicles which we are rolling out to the Lifesavers and the Beach Police of the local authority in CT.

This summer, working with Wilfred Johannes Solomons of the City’ s Disaster Management Unit, we piloted this vehicle for use on Cape Beaches.  Early feedback and media coverage points to it being a huge success!!

Looking like a Golf Cart on steroids with knobby Tyres, it incorporates a solar panel on the roof to charge the batteries whilst in use, with kinetic braking provides further power to the batteries.  This vehicle is silent yet fast. Being fully road legal,  enables the unit to respond to any emergency on or off road day or night.  Best of all, it is in the sun all day and requires no fuel.  An overnight top up charge is all that may be required, depending on usage!

Life savers will be able to launch their IRB’s whilst having all their kit on board to respond faster to any emergency. More importantly, any victims can be placed on a stretcher on the vehicle and  receive medical treatment faster.

The project was initiated at the last minute in December 2012, so there was no time to customize the vehicle to the full specifications that are intended for the rollout.

The law prohibits 4 x 4 vehicles on beaches, and thus up to now the only alternatives have been quad bikes, but these have real limitations.  For starters our vehicle can deploy 4 or more people to any emergency, or can ferry lost children to the pick up points  to mention just a few examples.

On Strand Beaches on New Year’s day alone, many children became separated from their families, despite an active campaign to deal with this problem.  These could now be ferried to the collection point.

For Brands such as Nivea, Lucozade, Fanta, Ola, or even 8.ta this represents an unbeatable branding opportunity.  Besides on beach exposure, media coverage and the CSI aspect creates huge goodwill for the brand, each time a rescue or action is completed.   Whilst these vehicles will receive maximum exposure between October and end April, these opportunities will be marketed on the basis of an annual contract.