Airborne Outdoor goes International

Cape Town based Airborne Outdoor Advertising, South Africa’s leading Aerial advertising company since 2000, has announced that it has entered into an agreement with Nigeria-based Vimedia Outdoor  Ltd to expand its operations throughout Africa.  “Airborne Outdoor Advertising Africa Ltd (AOAA),as the company will be known, will service our key markets throughout the rest of Africa, with  the exception of the SADC countries and South Africa itself which will be done by us from here”, Reinhardt Hanel, founder and CEO of Airborne Outdoor Advertising (AOA) says.  “We have been wanting to expand to the rest of Africa for a while, and made a  tentative start in Zimbabwe last year.  However, we needed to ramp up our efforts to really take advantage of the huge opportunities that we see throughout Africa.  We were fortunate to be introduced to  the right partner with the necessary reach, connections and understanding of the markets up north by Janice Baard,  an existing client here in South Africa. She has a thorough knowledge of the markets in the rest of Africa,so we are delighted that she has agreed to continue in a facilitation and advisory role for the new venture.  It always helps to have someone with links to both parties, because we were able to establish an immediate level of trust. The deal is based on a Franchise model, and thus Mako Alabi will be CEO and controlling shareholder of our new venture in the rest of Africa. The activities of both ‘Airborne Outdoor Advertising Africa Ltd’ in the rest of Africa and ‘Airborne Outdoor Advertising cc’ here in South Africa will create a real presence for our brand and mutually re-enforce our businesses.  Mako will be able to take advantage of our significant and long standing track record in safety, innovation and experience which will enable us to be operational immediately”.
We shall continue to build all the helicopter banners in South Africa and export them to the clients in the rest of Africa.  That way we shall be able to ensure the safety and conformity to our certification and support Mako and his team in Airborne Outdoor Advertising Africa to execute campaigns.

Most importantly, Airborne will be combining it’s expansion into the rest of Africa with the launch of its R C range of aerial media!  “Now we are flying banners up to 50 sqm (6.8 meters high X 8.0 meters long ) under our radio controlled and satellite driven copters.  This new development is the most exciting new development to hit OOH media and event activations for a while.  It will attract a whole new client base, previously not available to us.  Now we can fly inside a stadium or as low as 200 feet and be  in the face of the viewers as opposed to messing about with a banner behind a plane that you can’t read flying  between 750 -1000 feet above the ground.  Cost wise it is an unbeatable offering and Airborne Outdoor Advertising Africa (AOAA) will be taking full advantage of this new development. We are also engaged with the Civil Aviation authorities and guiding them in terms of what we consider to be best practice in this new area.

As a result of our work with R C Aviation, an additional spin-off for Airborne is the imminent launch of an RC based filming platform unlike no other. Capable of  hovering above an event and relaying live video footage into TV coverage is just one example of the capabilities we can now offer.  Providing filming companies with an affordable way of aerial footage is going to be a win for South African companies doing advertising campaigns as well as other companies throughout the rest of Africa.

Needless to say this development has enabled us to enter the security and surveillance market. Airborne Africa shall be focussed on the Oil and Gas installations.
Airborne’s offerings are ideal for these countries, because we are able to cover huge expanses quickly, cost effectively and with big impact.  More importantly, now our existing and potential new major corporate clients can take their South African campaigns into the rest of Africa where many of them are also operational.