Ajax Cape Town

Very late in 2011 we received the contract to build a banner for Ajax CT From Roland Sweet of Little Big productions, an innovative Cape Town based agency.

Ajax now play at the CT Stadium (2010 WC venue) and together with their sponsor MTN, are wanting to grow the sport of Football in the Cape.  Having made the big commitment to switch venues to the new stadium, the intention of the campaign is to promote the events at the stadium and to grow the audience.

The first flight was on the 20th and then again on the 21st December, the day of the match.  A bonus was that Ajax won that game and the plan is to fly the banner prior to each of the upcoming events.

We are very excited about this new client!  This is exactly the kind of client we like to attract to our medium!

We are looking forward to growing our relationship with them during 2012, and will post some footage as the campaign unfolds.