Supersport campaign

Late in the year, Super Sport gave us a campaign to put together a gorgeous banner promoting the Viewing of the Orange African Cup of Nations live on Super Sport.

What made this campaign special is that it also involved inflating specially branded beach balls which we were tasked to drop over the crowd at Big Bay in the Cape and along PE’s main beaches.

Some were “lucky balls” and if someone caught one of these, you could win either a Multichoice decoder, a Walka or a Drifter and similar prizes.

Beautifully turned out promoters assisted on the ground on the beaches and prizes could be redeemed from a gazebo erected on site. This was all arranged by Janice Baard from The Sky’s the Limit activation agency.

The banner is an impressive 840 sq meters and thus alerted people to the Brand and could be seen from far away.

On the 2nd of January, we flew the banner past the Cricket Test match happening at Newlands in Cape Town.  Picked up by sharp commentators and TV crews, it featured both live and on the highlights packages on TV which of course leveraged the message nationwide!

The Ball drop created a frenzy of excitement, and the manner in which the balls float down makes the spectacle extra special.

This is with out doubt not only one of the most effective beach activations of all and creates an unbeatable “buzz”!

The challenge that promoters on beaches face, is dealing with big crowds. These can not be controlled by even a large contingent of promoters, beach police or life guards when it comes to receiving promotional items.  Many people want not just one but many beach balls, and this can  pose some safety challenges.

We can drop the desired number of balls and then move along and drop some more, distributing them as we wish.   If they do not land in the desired drop zone or things get out of hand, we simply stop dropping them.

The Crewman watches the activity on the ground and Is guided by his Ground Team leader who is in direct ground to air radio contact with the aircraft.

Whilst it all looks simple, it involves a lot of logistical planning and the involvement and co-operation of the local authorities, Civil Aviation and stakeholders such as the Life guards. Airborne has a unique approved system for this activation.

Airborne wishes to thank our great crews, the Cape Town and PE and KZN local councils, the Life Guards and the CAA for their support and endorsement of this amazing Campaign.

Most importantly, we wish to thank Janice Baard and her team for their professional support and management of the overall campaign under enormous time pressure and it was a real pleasure working with them to make this campaign a success.