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Reinhardt Hanel

Reinhardt Hanel

Reinhardt has been involved in the outdoor media industry for more than two decades and is the MD of  Oasis Outdoor Media, a company which specialises in airport, billboard and forecourt advertising across South Africa. A qualified helicopter pilot himself, Reinhardt has created a unique opportunity to combine his passion for flying with that of producing distinct advertising campaigns that ensure the sky is not the limit!

Malcolm “LTF” (Love to Fly) Brown (Chief Pilot, Base4)

Malcolm Brown

Sadly, Malcolm who was the principal pilot for all our Cape Town campaigns over more than 5 years is no longer around.  He died on 8th October 2012.

However we will always consider you as one of us, as will so many people who flew with you and who lived you.

With more than 20 years’ experience and over 6100 flying hours, he had covered both SA coastlines from Cape Town to Libreville (West) and Cape Town to Tanzania (East) and had more than a few stories to tell!! Malcolm trained in the SAAF and flew in Namibia and Mozambique during both the elections and the floods. He was involved in the rescue of 22 people off the Jolly Rubbino, one of the most challenging salvage operations ever undertaken, as an abandoned cargo ship burned out of control off the coast of South Africa.

Malcolm “loves to fly” Brown used to say that flying is heaven and to hover is divine!

Eugene Kalafatis

Eugene Kalafatis

There have been quite a number of changes in KZN with pilots going into Africa, and others going on contract.

Eugene took over our banner towing requirements and has been our preferred Banner towing pilot, since 2011.  We have done many good campaigns with Eugene and best of all we like each other!  When he is not available, he makes sure our back up pilots are up to speed and fully trained.

He flies for us when we use our KZN based service provider  Legend Aviation T/A King Shaka Aviation in Durban (AOC CAA/N730D)

Eugene has an interesting CV and is a natural banner towing pilot, mindful of maximum exposure and accurate, yet relaxed flying.

He owns a unique business called Helitractor, which he started back in 2000, the same year our company started. After getting his commercial helicopter licence in 1997, Eugene flew for a few companies on an ad hoc basis, but growing up on a farm his roots were also in farming. In 1993 Eugene purchased a farm and started planting sugar cane . This in turn needed to be sprayed aerially and this is where the concept of “helicopter ag flying” was born . It was very difficult as no one in South Africa had the know how and help to start this and to set a helicopter up for this. An innovator!

Helitractor is situated in the heart of the sugar area of Kwazulu Natal, South Africa and his sugar farm doubles up as his operation base for the helis. Not only is Eugene a pilot but a farmer too and understands what the needs of the farmers are and what they expect.

The “HELI-TRACTOR” spray  system was initially fitted to the R44, because it is financially efficient and the aircraft performs well. We now have the first in the world of its kind …..a Bell Huey UH-1H spray system, that is a spray system and a fire attack system all in one…..the first one in the world and again….”HELI-TRACTOR.”

Eugene has been to many parts of South America, Russia to instruct, install and train operators and pilots to start their ag businesses, and how to properly use spray systems, GPS guidance systems, and ownership and  management of a heli ag business.

In 2010 Heli-Tractor contracted IMS of NEW ZEALAND to supply a heli fertilizer bucket that could lift 1350kg beneath the huge Huey helicopter. This was done and 2010 saw Heli-Tractor being the first operator on the continent of Africa operating a aerial fertilizing heli bucket for topdressing of sugar cane, maize, forestry etc .

You can have a look at Eugene’s website by clicking on the following link: Heli Tractor

“C J” Van Aswegen

CJ flies for us when we use our Gauteng Service provider Henley Air.

CJ did a marvelous job for us last year when we did the big OMO Door-To Door challenge, and we had some marvelous times in some far flung areas of our beautiful county.

Reinhardt Hanel & CJ van Aswegen

CJ van Aswegen