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Pricing & Planning

Airborne aerial billboards can range in size from 100m² to 1500m² depending on your message and the impact you want to create.  Our most popular and most effective banner is 800 square meters in size. This is an ideal compromise optimising cost vs impact.

These banners are particularly effective in the summer when we fly along beaches, where we can skim low over the water and be in your face!   The higher you fly, the bigger the banner ideally needs to be.

Banners can go where no other outdoor can.  Why spend money on mega costly billboards locking you in  to a site, when we can go anywhere?  Our banners are custom to Civil Aviation approved standards in Cape Town. Ideally  we ask clients to give us four weeks from the time of the artwork to the first flight.   The less we rush.. the better the end result.

The client dictates the venue be it local, national or even international. The aerial billboard can be at your chosen destination within 48 hours anywhere around SA. One aerial billboard can cover all events, saving in production, flighting and co-ordination costs. So you can be at V&A Waterfront in Cape Town on Friday, the FNB stadium in Johannesburg on Saturday and on the beach in Durban on Sunday!

Airborne billboards can be created landscape, portrait or square. Originally they started life as double sided, but with the advancement of technology, our latest banners are bigger, brighter and perform in all sorts of conditions.

Airborne Outdoor Advertising is ideal for product launches, short term promotions, holiday campaigns, sports event marketing and even film shoots.

Flying or Media Air Time

Our experience allows us to select points of departure and landing to suit all sorts of requirements.  Most important is to adapt the flying route to prevailing weather conditions. Therefore if appropriate, why not take off in Knysna and land in Plett?    Generally we shall choose an area of operation close to where we need to be, minimising wasted flying time from airports to the site!

  • Standard Rate is R16,900 per hour (excluding agency commission and VAT)
  • Minimum flight booking is 1 hour per day
  • Landing and Permissions fee also applies
  • Packages can be negotiated for special rates based on hours booked or a regular event.
  • Rates outside South Africa are subject to quotation.

Example of typical Event Exposure

Super 12 or Tri-Nations Rugby Games – 20min exposure at start and end of game, plus 20mins during half time. (total 60 minutes)

Argus Cycle Tour – 2 hours uninterrupted or broken up as the case may be.  Normally at the  start and again at the finish.

Peak Hour Traffic and Beaches – anywhere anytime!

To plan a great campaign, contact our sales team today